A new Bar Screen in the Paris region

Aug 17, 2020

Before the summer holidays, an automatic vertical Bar Screen was installed on a storage basin in the Paris region.

Installed in a 2000mm width channel, this Bar Screen cleans the screen upstream and discharges waste downstream. On this application, the waste falls into a competing brand washing press.

As you can see in the photos, our screens are fully streamlined and fully meet European compliance standards.

Equipped with removable panels, it is however very easy to remove them and access a few spare parts during maintenance operations.

Finally, even if we do not provide the electrical control panel, the Bar Screen is at least equipped with a manual box to which the limit switches and the motor are connected. Two “Up” – “Down” pushbuttons and a mushroom-type emergency stop are on the front of this unit. A local control which is essential for safe operation.


Supply of an automatic vertical Bar Screen

  • Type XG12
  • Maxi flow rate 5900m3/h
  • Bar Screen width 2000mm
  • Depth under laying plane 2100mm
  • Frame mades in two parts
  • Screen Bar Spacing 30mm


degrilleur en canal

Dowstream side Bar Screen view

degrilleur en canal

Upstream side Bar Screen view