A particular installation on a pumping station

Oct 25, 2019

Last week, we worked on a wastewater treatment plant located south of Nantes, in order to install a Bar Screen / Screw Compactor assembly on a pumping station.

Because of the particularity of this pumping station (great depth) and the positioning of the Bar Screen (off-axis of the effluent inlet pipe), we had to make a careful assessment before the launch Manufacturing. The adaptability of our Bar Screens to the existing civil engineering makes sense on this installation.

On the day of assembly, we did the following:

– Assembly of the lower frame (in two parts) on the ground

– Handling of the lower frame (7500mm height) and installation in the post

– Leveling and lower frame attachments

– Handling and installation of the upper frame, bolted to the lower frame

– Handling, laying and fixing the Screw Compactor

– Installation of the electrical control panel and its support on the station, near to the Bar Screen

– Electrical connections, adjustments and tests

– Training of the operating personnel.

The duration of our intervention was limited to a day and a half.


Supply of an Automatic Bar Screen

  • Type NG21
  • Peak flow 600m3/h
  • Bar spacing 20mm
  • Depth under laying plane 7400mm
  • Frame mades in three parts

Supply of a Screw Compactor

  • Type VCP200
  • Length 2400mm
  • Discharge height under Screw Compactor 1600mm

Selected options

  • FB Procédés Electrical control panel
  • Packaging and shipping 
  • Installation performed by 3 FB Procédés technicians

Project photos