A very nice installation in Catalonia

Jan 14, 2020

Just before the end of year celebrations, our technicians intervened to replace two Bar Screens of a competing brand at a wastewater treatment plant in the suburbs of Barcelona.

In collaboration with the client, we have considerably optimized the operating conditions of the Bar Screens. Indeed, the supply of an access gateway makes it possible to circulate all around the Bar Screens, and thus to carry out all maintenance operations in complete safety.

The waste brought up by the Bar Screens is evacuated and compacted towards a grab located on one side of the manhole, via a screw conveyor and a screw compactor.

A great reference that will have required a short week of assembly between the unloading of the truck and the start-up / testing of the equipment ordered.



Supply of 2 automatic Bar Screens

  • Type NG11
  • Maxi Flow rate per Bar Screen 2000m3/h
  • Bar spacing 20mm
  • Depth under laying plane 4400mm
  • Frame mades in 3 parts
  • Lateral deflectors Ht. 2500mm
  • Central bow Ht. 2500mm

Supply of 2 Screws

  • 1 VTP250 & 1 VCP250
  • Screw conveyor type VTP, length 6500mm
  • Screw compactor type VCP, length 3000mm

Selected options

  • 1 Gateway Access, 5200x2500mm STAINLESS STEEL 304L with stairs, railings and non-skid floor
  • 1 Electrical control panel FB Procédés for the control of 2 Bar Screens and 2 Screws
  • Assembly by FB Procédés technical team
  • Shipping of all of our workshops located in Nantes to the site near Barcelona


Before FB Procédés intervention

After FB Procédés intervention

FB Procédés Study plan