An automatic Bar screen installed on a water intake

Mar 29, 2022

Last week, our technicians Cédric and Geoffrey (effectively supported by Julien and Jordan) installed an XG12 automatic Bar screen on a water intake on the banks of the Seine.

A delicate intervention due to the size of the parts to be assembled. In fact, the bar screen’s lower frame alone was more than ten meters long and three meters wide. More than five tons of stainless steel were attached to the existing civil engineering. The duration of this assembly was two days.

In a few days, this bar screen will be able to absorb 5000m3/h and bring up as much waste as possible (plastics, plants and others) with its 10mm bar spacing. It is associated with a transport screw which will allow the waste to be dumped on the edge of the canal.

At the end of the year, we will install its “twin brother” in a canal located a few meters from the first.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team if you have similar needs.



Supply of a vertical automatic Bar screen

  • Type XG12
  • Maxi Flow rate 5000m3/h
  • Bar screen width 2000mm, installed in a channel width 3000mm
  • Screen bar spacing 10mm, height 5200mm
  • Depth under laying plane 10100mm
  • Beams and lateral deflectors on the lower frame
  • Bar screen associated with a Screw conveyor FB Procédés type VTP250, All STAINLESS STEEL 316L

Options selected

  • Electrical control panel (operation with speed variation) and its ALL STAINLESS STEEL 316L support
  • On-site transport
  • Equipment assembly carried out by FB Procédés technicians
  • Adjustments and tests
  • Training of operating personnel to be carried out later during impoundment


degrilleur en canal

Floor assembly of the lower frame

degrilleur en canal

Placing the lower frame in the channel

degrilleur en canal

Lower frame elevation

degrilleur en canal

Upper frame elevation

degrilleur en canal

Lower frame approach over channel

degrilleur en canal

Placing the upper frame on the lower frame

degrilleur en canal

Installation of lateral deflectors and beams in the channel

degrilleur en canal

Finished assembly of the XG12 vertical Bar screen, associated with a VTP250 Screw conveyor