Another PROSTEP installed

May 6, 2019

Two years after the installation of the first PROSTEP, this new Bar Screen 100% FB Procédés continues to make its way.

We continue to make it more reliable and optimize its efficiency in line with operator feedback and our own experiences. Before seeing bigger, we seek above all to fully satisfy our customers on small installations, as is the case on this treatment plant in Vendée.

The Bar Screen is fed by discharge in an air channel. Screening refusals are dumped into a Screw Compactor, which returns the waste to a bin placed at the “Natural Floor”, via a descending duct.

In case of incident on the Bar Screen, the effluent is diverted to a bypass channel equipped with a manual screen, directly linked to a specific trough on the Screw Compactor.



Supply of Bar Screen

  • Type PROSTEP
  • Flow rate 120m3/h
  • Bar spacing 2mm
  • Depth under laying plane 750mm
  • Options: Freeze protection, manual screen for bypass channel and security pack.

Supply of a Screw Compactor

  • Type VCP200
  • Options: Washing ramp for waste washing, freeze protection, security pack and descending duct.


Upstream view with the Bar Screen, the Screw Compactor, the descending duct and the electrical control panel

Upstream view of the Bar Screen

View of the main channel with the Bar Screen, and the bypass channel with the manual screen