Replacement of a competitor Bar Screen

Jun 3, 2019

In recent days, we have replaced a competitor Bar Screen on a recovery station in the Paris region.

An exercise that can be complicated depending on the context (here in a closed room, with piping attached to the wall, and cofferdam valve upstream of the screen) and the characteristics of the previous screen (waste discharge downstream).

Following the on-site measurements taken by our sales representative on the sector, we therefore proposed a vertical Bar Screen type XG12, placed in place of the existing one.

After a short day of assembly, the mission is accomplished.



Supply of an automatic Bar Screen

  • Type XG12
  • Flow rate 1000m3/h
  • Bar spacing 20mm
  • Depth under laying plane 3800mm
  • Channel witdh 800mm
  • Frame made in three parts

Selected options

  • Shipping
  • Disassembly of existing equipment and assembly of the new Bar Screen by a technician FB Procés
  • Adjustments, tests, start-up and training of operating personnel


The old Bar Screen

Upstream view FB Bar Screen

Downstream view FB Bar Screen