Replacement of an FB automatic Bar Screen

Apr 13, 2021

Last week, in the North of France,, we replaced a Bar screen from our brand, installed in 2002. The new Bar screen is now made exclusively in 304L stainless steel, while the previous one was made in hot-dip galvanized steel (at least the upper frame).

The particularity of this installation is that it is located in an urban area, in a buried substation. Handling is therefore more complicated. It took a short day for our two technicians to perform the replacement of the equipment.

An intervention punctuated by setting up, tests and adjustments.


Sypply of an automatic Bar Screen

  • Type NG11
  • Maxi flow rate 3000m3/h
  • Bar spacing 25mm
  • Depth under laying plane 2200mm
  • Frame made in two parts

Selected options

  • Transport of the Bar screen to the site
  • Dismantling of existing equipment
  • Assembly of new equipment
  • Tests, adjustments and training of operating personnel


dégrilleur en canal

Bar Screen installed in 2002

dégrilleur en canal

Dismantling of the existing Bar Screen

dégrilleur en canal

Handling of the new Bar Screen

dégrilleur en canal

Bar Screen seen from the outside of the manhole

dégrilleur en canal

Downstream view of the new grid

dégrilleur en canal

New Bar Screen