Two Bar Screens on Lifting Stations

Jun 23, 2020

Supply and installation of two sets of Bar Screen with Screw compactor.

The first set is installed into a channel. The second set is installed into a station, against the inlet pipe.

These bar Screens can be installed on existing or new stations. The choice is mostly based on the external factors and the conveniance of the maintenance.

The benefits of our technology (upstream screening / upstream discharge) are that the screening is much more efficient than downstream screening.


Lift Station 1 : Supply of Bar Screen + Screw Compactor

  • Bar Screen Type XG12 into a channel
  • Stainless Steel 304L
  • Width 1,500mm
  • Max Flow 2,110m3/h
  • Bar Spacing 10mm
  • Depth 1,900mm


  • Screw Compactor Type VCP250
  • Automatic bagging system
  • Safety Pack
  • Control Panel made by FB Procédés
  • Shipping
Fourniture d’un ensemble dégrilleur/compacteur sur le PR Charmes

  • Dégrilleur de type NG21, installé dans un poste ∅2500mm
  • TOUT INOX 304L
  • lARGEUR 1000mm
  • Débit maxi 860m3/h
  • Entrefer 10mm
  • Profondeur sous plan de pose 3900mm
  • Panier manuel de secours

Options retenues

  • Vis de compactage de type VCP250
  • Ensacheur automatique
  • Pack sécurité
  • Coffret électrique “FB Procédés” pour gestion de l’ensemble
  • Transport sur site


degrilleur en canal

Lift Station 1 – Downstream side

degrilleur en poste

Lift Station 2 – Downstream side

degrilleur en canal

Lift Station 1 – Upstream side

degrilleur en poste

Lift Station 2 – Upstream side