Our range of Bar Screens can be easily adapted to existing civil works. Their vertical design allows them to fit within all layouts, either they are installed into a channel or into a station.
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Each Bar Screen is designed to fit into the existing civil works, taking into account all the technical specificities of the project. There is an infinite number of possible installations, and we present you below the most frequent ones.


bar-screen into a chanel

The , across the flow, discharging the waste either upstream or downstream depending on the technical requirements.

The Bar Screen is fixed to the civil works on the top, as well as on the walls of the channels.

In the case of an existing civil works, and according to the flow, the hydraulic profile and the bar screening space, we may suggest a Bar Screen not as wide as the channel. In this case, we can provide stainless steel lateral deflectors, to compensate the difference of width between the Bar Screen and the channel.

We can therefore easily and without any modification of the civil works replace manual bar screens or competing Bar Screens, no matter the technology they used.


wastewater screen in station

The Bar Screen is installed into the station, facing the water inlet, against the station’s wall.

The waste can be discharged either upstream or downstream. However we favour the upstream discharge side, as it clears the top of the station, letting access to the pumps trapdoor for example.

The Bar Screen is fixed on the top of the station as well as on the wall of the station.

In most cases the Bar Screen takes as little space as a manual bar screen, and does not obstruct the lifting of the pumps. This installation type is also the most economical, as it does not require to build an additional manhole for the bar screen ahead of the station.

Maintenance wise, it is not necessary to go down within the station. All wear parts are located above the installation plane.

installation of bar screen
wastewater treatment bar screen
manufacturer of bar-screen wastewater treatment

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