A technical team at your service

Feb 10, 2021

While it is never easy to put this forward when selling a Bar screen, FB Procédés has always attached great importance to providing quality service once the screen is on site. Our technical team is then at your disposal to advise you, guide you and assist you in order to best appropriate the functionalities of your Bar screen. Let’s explore their daily lives where responsiveness and availability are the key words.

When we meet Cédric or Geoffrey – our two technicians-fitters – they often have the phone pressed against one ear to advise a client, or a site plan or an electrical diagram in front of them, or even to share their remarks of their last interventions or to prepare for the next trip. Your needs punctuate their daily lives, and this is not just a formulation. “My days remain very varied,” explains Cédric, “I receive a lot of requests for information by email or by phone. This can be information on spare parts, advice on a malfunction, the adjustment of a particular part or even the configuration of our PLCs ”. It is true that with almost 5,000 Bar screens in operation, and more than one per day leaving our workshops, the demand is substantial. But Cédric and Geoffrey put all their enthusiasm and professionalism into it.

I also spend a lot of time preparing interventions and ensuring that nothing is missing on site” specifies Cédric, before Geoffrey adds “when an assembly or after-sales service seems more complicated, we talk about itt ogether and Cédric gives me the benefit of his experience ”. Moreover, when we are called upon to assemble our Bar screens, we remain convinced that we bring real added value, as Cédric explains to us “we know better than anyone how to install them, but also how to adjust them once. all electrical connections made. Likewise, when we encounter a major problem in terms of installation, we are in direct contact with the design office and in most cases we can make the changes immediately. Finally, this allows us to train operating personnel, to go back in detail to the functioning of a Bar screen and to make them aware of the following points: replacement of wearing parts, adjustment of the strap – the key part -, discuss the possible settings on the PLC and the feedback they can report, etc. “. Quality service for greater peace of mind.

Over the years, they have put their toolboxes far beyond our borders, for example in Chile, Kosovo or Africa. With lot of memories of course. “Any interventions that I remember? There are so many … one in Belgium where we had to install a screen in an underground station, also with two access walkways to assemble inside. To top it off with adaptations made on site. Another in Luxembourg with lower frames more than 15 meters deep. That’s a few ankles to be drilled “laughs Cédric today. For his part, Geoffrey remembers that “we recently replaced competing equipment and had to take it apart before installing our own. An operation that may seem easy but often conducive to surprises. Otherwise, a month ago we replaced one of our machines in the center of France, in a very cramped room, and it was a great pleasure in terms of handling ”. A great range of skills which punctuates our services in the best possible way.

A recently installed screen that is not entirely satisfactory … A question about our electrical control panel … A slightly aging screen that deserves a check-up … Do not hesitate, contact our technical service!

Some examples of interventions

degrilleur en canal

Dismantling of a competitor’s screen before fitting FB material

degrilleur en canal

Preparation for rotary distributor assembly

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Modifications and welds on site

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Handling of a Bar screen during assembly

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Assembly of a Bar screen