For 30 years, our mechanical bar screens have proved efficient and reliable, making them the Bar Screens of choice for wastewater treatment plants operators.
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The simplicity of their design allows great adaptability, allowing our wastewater mechanical bar screen to be installed in both channels and stations, without any modification of the civil works.

Our unique Gravity-based Bar Screening System is used by all our Bar Screens, no matter their width or depth.


From the design of the Bar Screens to the shipping to our clients, everything is done by our company and our teams of experts.

From the reception of your order, the 3D drawings, the manufacturing prints, the laser cutting, the assembly, the wiring, the tests, to the shipping, the entire process is managed by FB Procedes.

When you choose one of our wastewater bar Screens, you choose to have a machine checked at every step of its manufacturing cycle, by people 100% dedicated to the design and manufacturing of Bar Screens.

Gravity-Based Bar Screening System

Wastewater is hostile to any type of machine. The waste found in the water systems ( fibers, wipes, sand, rocks, etc.) can easily block the operation of any mechanical system.

To guarantee the optimal performance of our Bar Screens, we have created and developped a unique system (no other Bar screen on the market uses this system): the Gravity-Based Bar Screening System.

Why did we have to create our own system ? The question was very simple: how to minimize the number of mechanical parts in the water, to minimize the risk of blockage, and to guarantee efficiency and reliabiltiy in the long term ?

Our answer to this question is a system based solely on the use of gravity, and in complete opposition to complex hydraulic systems or chain-based system often found on other machines.

The System of bar screen:

At the beginning of every bar screening cycle, the grapple rake goes down opened until it reaches the bottom of the screen. Under its own weight and a specific angle, the mobile part that holds the grapple rake moves, the polyester strap softens, which activates a touch sensor indicating the end of the cycle. The geared-motor runs backward, the polyester strap tightens, the grapple rake closes its teeth on the screen and goes up.

Advantages of wasterwater screen:

  • No moving part in the water = reliability and longevity
  • Gravity-Based System = extreme simplicity, far more reliable than any other system
  • Number of parts kept to a minimum = easy and affordable maintenance
  • Simple design = easily accessible to all technicians, no need for specific training

Polyester Strap Drive

All our Bar Screens are driven by a single Polyester Strap.

The straps are 100% made of polyester, a material with a high tensile strength, and great resistant to wear, pulling, UV,  rubbing and humidity.

Why use a strap instead of chains or cables ?

Tensile Strength: the breaking point of our straps is between 3.5 to 12 tons, depending on the model. For example, the grapple rake of our Bar Screens rarely weighs more than 500 kilos, therefore the breaking point of our straps is at least 7 times higher then the actual weight they are supposed to carry.

Moisture Resistance: Polyester straps have a great resistance to moisture, and can remain within the water without any risk of deterioration.

Low Cost: Depending on the strap model, the cost is between 10 and 15 € per meter. We recommend to replace the strap once a year, or longer if the strap does not show any sign of wear. It only takes 15 minutes to replace the strap, and the replacement does not require to move the bar screen or stop the water flow.

Safe & Easy Replacement: Replacing a strap does not require to go down inside the civil works. It also does not require to stop the water flow. Replacing the strap is therefore very safe and easy, it can be performed by any local technician, using basic tools.

Bar Screen and Screening Level

For each Bar Screen, the wastewater screen is tailor made according to the hydraulic profile, the required bar screening level and the maximum flow to be filtered.

Bar Screening Level

It varies from 3 mm to 100 mm, depending to the type of water. During the technical study, the Bar Screening Level is either determined by the technical requirements of the client, either by ourselves. Our great experience allows us to be able to recommend the ideal Bar Screening Level for every wastewater screen.

Wastewater Screen

Depending on the flow and the hydraulic profile, the wastewater screen can be made of stainless steel bars sealed only at their bottom. Since the bars are free to move, it is less likely that rocks will get stuck between them, and therefore it reduces drastically the risk for the Bar Screen to stop.

For high flows and higher screens, the bars are sealed both at their bottom and top, with a “double screen system”, to avoid any risk of blockage.


All our Bar Screens are 100% made of Stainless Steel. Depending on the technical requirements of the project, we can also offer:


  • Full Stainless Steel 304L
  • Full Stainless Steel 316L
  • Mixed 304L/316L (above water in 304L and within water in 316L)

Electrical Controls of wastewater screen

By default, all our Bar Screens are equipped with a manual control panel, attached on one side of the Bar Screen. Are connected to this panel the limit switches and the geared-motor. The panel includes a stop punch-button, and two “up-down” push-buttons.

As an option, we always suggest our Electrical Control Cabinet designed by our company, which includes our own software.

Our clients always have the following choices:

  • Make the controls by themselves, following our electrical plans
  • Choose the FB Procédés Electrical Control Cabinet which controls 100% of the functions of the Bar Screen

We strongly recommend to our clients to choose our Electrical Control Cabinet, for three reasons:


  • The Bar Screen will be delivered with the cabinet, already adjusted in our factory.
  • At delivery, the client simply has to connect it to a power source, and the Bar Screen will be autonomous.
  • By experience, most of the problems our clients have to deal with are due to the fact that they did not use our cabinet and did not follow the electrical plans.

Available Options for bar screen

With each Bar Screen we offer several options to our clients to optimise the efficiency of the Bar Screen depending on the context.

If the technical requirements do not mention any option, based on our experience we will recommend options according to the location of the Bar Screen, the type of installation, etc.

Here are some examples of the options we can offer:

Key Figures:

5,000 Screens

30 Years of Experience

2,000 Clients

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