Wastewater ScreenS since 1985

Since 1985, FB Procédé is specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing wastewater Screens.

Based in France, the company is made of a team of engineers, designers, technicians and sales people, all expert in screening systems.

By focusing on a single range of products – Wastewater Screens -, FB Procédés designed, developped and optimised screening solutions that fully answer the needs of the industry.

The company now offers a complete range of Bar Screens specifically designed for its clients.

Everyday, FB Procédés uses its extensive experience and expertise to offer its clients innovative, efficient and reliable screening solutions.

Our Wastewater Screens are installed in more than 40 countries

Why choose our Bar Screens ?

  • Expertise: our company has been dedicated to the design of wastewater screens for 30 years
  • Innovation: the most innovative screening systems proved reliable by hundreds of wastewater facilities operators
  • Service: the full support of a team of experts in screening systems, dedicated to advise and assist our clients
  • Efficiency: tailor-made wastewater screens and immediate technical support throughout the life cycle of the Bar Screen


1985 – M. Fernand Barré invents the Vertical Bar Screen with Gravity-Based System. (Bar Screen Type NG).

1988 – M. Patrick Dupré joins the company.

1991 – M. Fernand Barré retires. M. Patrick Dupré takes over the company and founds FB Procédés SARL.

1993 – M. Robert Lobréau, former engineer at ACB Alstom, joins the company and becomes Technical Director.

1997  Launch of the Bar Screen Type SG400. Requested by many operators of small water treatment facilities, the Bar Screen Type SG400 is a great success from day one.

2003  Launch of the Bar Screen Type XG. This Bar Screen fills an empty space in our product range: the Bar Screen with downstream waste discharge.

2006 – Launch of our range of Screw Conveyors and Screw Compactors.

2010 – An International Sales Department is created.

2012  Launch of the Bar Screen Type SI350. The smallest Bar Screen of our range, for small wastewater treatment facilities.

2017 – Launch of the Step Screen type PROSTEP. After having received lots of requests from our customers, we have designed an innovative Step Screen to meet our customers expectations.

Today – With more than 4,500 Bar Screens installed over 30 years, FB Procédés is recognized as the Bar Screen Specialist and the industry leader by its clients and hundreds of water treatment facilities operators.

Key Figures:

4500 Screens

30 Years of Experience

500 Clients

Contact us:

    +33 2 40 25 86 77


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