By focusing on a single range of products – Wastewater Screens -, FB Procédés designed, developped and optimised screening solutions that fully answer the needs of the industry.
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Since 1985, FB Procédés is specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing wastewater Screens.

Based in France, the company is made of a team of engineers, designers, technicians and sales people, all expert in bar screening systems.

By focusing on a single range of products – Wastewater Screens -, FB Procédés designed, developped and optimised bar screening solutions that fully answer the needs of the industry.

The company now offers a complete range of Bar Screens specifically designed for its clients.

Everyday, FB Procédés uses its extensive experience and expertise to offer its clients innovative, efficient and reliable screening solutions.

Our Wastewater Screens are installed in more than 40 countries

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a team with more than 30 years of experience in the screening industry.


an innovative and reliable technology used daily by hundreds of operators.


from the knowledge of a team that understands the importance of  screening.


along the entire life cycle of the product. We are here to assist you. 

Bar Screen History

Our History

1985 – the invention

M. Fernand Barré, founder of FB Procédés Artisan, invents the Vertical Bar Screen with gravity-based technology. This Bar Screen is ahead of its time and is then named “Vertical Bar Screen Type NG“. This product is still part of our product line.

1991 – 1992

M. Fernand Barré, close to retirement, passes his knowledge to M. Patrick Dupré, a former methods engineer at Worthington, who then buys the company in order to create FB Procédés SARL in 1991.

1993 – 1996

M. Robert Lobréau, former engineer at ACB Alstom, becomes the head of the technical department. M. Robert Lobréau develops the R&D department in order to extend the product range.

1997 – Launch of the Bar Screen Type SG400

French operators are looking for a reliable and simple screening solution for small treatment plants. By using the same technology used for the Bar Screen Type NG, FB Procédés designs the Vertical Bar Screen Type SG400, a Bar Screen with a standard width of 400mm. This product immediately has a large success.

2003 – Launch of the Bar Screen Type XG.

Back then, all our Bar Screens discharge the waste upstream, however, there is a need among our customers for downstream discharge. In order to solve this problem, FB Procédés launches the Vertical Bar Screen Type XG, with downstream discharge.

2006 – Launch of a range of Screw Conveyors and Screw Compactors

We design a range of Screw Conveyors (Type VTP) and Screw Compactors (Type VCP). The objective is to offer an all-in-one solution with a Bar Screen and a Screw Compactor, all designed and made by us.

2010 – Going Worldwide

Even though our Bar Screens are already being used in several countries, going global becomes our main focus. We create an international sales departement in order to achieve this objective..

2012 – Launch of the Bar Screen Type SI350

The smallest treatment plants also require automatic screening. The Bar Screen Type SI350 is designed and launched to answer this need. It’s a small yet very robust and reliable machine, that is also affordable for smaller cities or companies.

2016 – Morocco and Spain

We open a local office in Casablanca to get closer to our regular and loyal customers in Morocco.

Spain is showing great interest in our technology, therefore we decide to open an office in Barcelona to give them access to our products.


Even though we are experts in Coarse Screening, our product range does not include and fine screening solution. We design and launch the Step Screen Type Prostep, our very first Fine Screen, to fill the gap.


With more than 5,000 Bar Screens in 40 countries, we are recognised as the Screening Experts by local operators and by our customers.