You can find on this page our latest news, where you can see some of our latest installations of Bar Screens or Rotary Distributors.

Each post describes briefly the project, as well as shows photos of before and after.

Replacement of a 20 years old FB Bar Screen

For one of our customers, we replaced a Bar Screen of our brand, installed just 20 years ago. On the old site, the screen was fixed in the channel at the bottom of the station and rejected the waste on a platform inside the same station. Periodically, screening...

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A new station equipped with a FB Bar Screen

In the absence of a Bar Screen in the pumping station, the pumps stopped regularly and the fine screen, located downstream, saturated. Our solution was therefore to place the Bar Screen upstream of the pumps, fixed against the vertical wall of the station, facing the...

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Replacement of a competitor Bar Screen

In recent days, we have replaced a competitor Bar Screen on a recovery station in the Paris region. An exercise that can be complicated depending on the context (here in a closed room, with piping attached to the wall, and cofferdam valve upstream of the screen) and...

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A pig slaughterhouse equipped with an FB Bar Screen

In recent days, a slaughterhouse of pigs (in the North of France) is equipped with a vertical automatic Bar Screen FB Procédés. If our screens do not have much to prove on the traditional treatment plants, it is necessary to know that their adaptability and their...

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A Bar Screen/Screw Compactor in the south of France

In recent days, a thirtieth Automatic Bar Screen has been installed near Toulouse, and more precisely on a refoulement station. On this application, it is associated with a Screw Compactor. Placed against a vertical wall facing the inlet pipe of the effluent, the Bar...

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Another PROSTEP installed

Two years after the installation of the first PROSTEP, this new Bar Screen 100% FB Procédés continues to make its way. We continue to make it more reliable and optimize its efficiency in line with operator feedback and our own experiences. Before seeing bigger, we...

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Another Bar Screen installed near Rennes

An automatic Bar Screen / Screw Compactor set has recently been installed near Rennes. Positioned in a look ∅1600mm upstream of the pumping station, the screen helps block and up the largest waste, and thus protect the pumps. In the event of a power failure, or a...

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One more Bar Screen in Germany

In recent days, on an existing civil engineering, one of our German customers has installed a vertical automatic Bar Screen type NG21. Placed against a vertical wall, and facing the inlet pipe of the effluent, this screen picks up the waste at two meters depth and...

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A Bar Screen / compactor set installed on a WWTP

On a wastewater treatment plant in the Loiret department, one of our customers recently installed a set consisting of an automatic Bar Screen type NG11 and a screw compactor type VCP200. In addition to a high input rate (about 2000m3/h), one of the main features of...

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Automatic Bar Screen on an flood-proof station

In the Paris region, we recently replaced a competing brand screen on a flood-proof station. In order not to change the existing context, we have proposed an Automatic Bar Screen type XG12, namely with the discharge of waste downstream. The operation of the screen is...

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