Since 2006, our range of products also includes Screw Conveyors and Compactors.

In a context where pumping stations operators try to reduce the operating costs, screw compactors have become essential in the screening process.

We offer 3 sizes on screws (150, 200 and 250 mm) depending on the flow to handle.

Screw conveyor, reduction of waste volume

screw conveyor

The main purpose of the screw compactor is to reduce by 50% the volume of waste collected by the Bar Screen, and to reduce the amount of water by nearly 30%.

Thanks to the screw compactor, the waste management costs are reduced, and in some cases, the waste of the Bar Screen can even be mixed with the household garbage.

Screw conveyor, adapts to our entire range of Bar Screens

screw compactor reduce volume waste

Our screw compactors are designed to fit our Bar Screens. The intake hopper of the screw compactors matches the hopper of the screw compactors come with adjustable legs.

Maintenance made easy for screw compactor

maintenance for screw compactor

All components are easy to access, for easy maintenance and maximum safety (press unit, conveying area, geared motor, etc.)


mechanical screw compactor

When installed with one of our Bar Screens, there is an additional button on the control panel: “Forward”. As an option, we can also add a button “Backward”, to unblock the screw compactor.

We recommend to start the screw compactor approximately one minute after the end of the Bar Screen cycle, for maximum efficiency.

Options of screw compactor

manufacteur screw compactor

Several options are available to optimize the efficiency and to adapt to any context.

  • Manual valve
  • Solenoid valve for the feeding of the compacting unit
  • Bagging system with 80 meters of plastic bags
  • Discharge pipe to guide the fall of the waste

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2,000 Clients

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