We offer a complete range of Rotary Distributors for Trickling FIlters: motorized or non-motorized, with open-trough arms or tubular arms, with 2 or 4 arms.

All our Rotary Distributors are designed in-house to meet the technical specifications of the each project.

Our goal is to provide Rotary Distributors that are reliable, cost-effective, with a uniform water distribution over the trickling filter’s media.


  • Simple and robust design = long-term reliability
  • All types of flows, urban or industrial
  • Very low operating costs
  • Bearing out of water
  • Quick replacement of wear parts without rotary distributor dismounting
  • Oil chamber easy to access
  • Closing parts at the end of arms easy to remove.


  • Débit maxi : 5 à 4 000 m3/h
  • Envergure : 2 000 à 50 000 mm
  • Débit :  fixe ou variable
  • Nombre de bras : 2 à 8
  • Fixation bride :  sur poteau central ou suspendue
  • Vitesse : réglable à volonté
  • Entraînement :  par pression hydrostatique ou motorisé
  • Matière : Inox 304L, 316L, 316Ti ou mixte


Its operating principle is simple. Water led in by gravity or by pumping passes through a fixed central column, called also supply column. The effluent goes, into a rotating body that forms a pressurization chamber. It then flows through the arms attached to the body and escapes through the distribution holes. These are wisely spread to water the whole media area.

To cause rotation, the energy generated by the pressure in the water column set up in the pressurization chamber is used. This pressure is applied at the exit of distribution holes (all located on the same side of the arms) in the form of a driving reaction.


  • Deflectors to optimize the distribution
  • Maintenance Platform
  • Distribution Arms in several parts to facilitate handling and shipping
  • Suspended distributors
  • Rotation sensor
  • Disengaging system to allow the distributor to operate even in case of motor or power failure

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