Replacement of a 20 years old FB Bar Screen

Jun 17, 2019

For one of our customers, we replaced a Bar Screen of our brand, installed just 20 years ago.

On the old site, the screen was fixed in the channel at the bottom of the station and rejected the waste on a platform inside the same station. Periodically, screening refusals were therefore sucked by collection trucks.

Today, on the same station, the Bar Screen is pressed against the vertical wall, facing the arrival line of the effluent, and discharges the waste in a bin outside the station.

Unlike what was done before, it is no longer necessary to go down to the station to perform maintenance on the Bar Screen. All wear parts are accessible from outside the station, in complete safety.


Supply of an automatic Bar Screen

  • Type SG400
  • Flow rate 35m3/h
  • Bar spacing 20mm
  • Depth under laying plane 3300mm
  • Frame mades in two parts

Selected options

  • Discharge hopper / waste bin junction
  • Shipping
  • Installation by FB Procédés technician

Photos du projet

Ancienne implantation

Nouvelle implantation