1 delicate installation of 2 Bar screens on a WWTP

Nov 25, 2021

Recently, we proceeded to the assembly of two automatic vertical Bar screens type XG12 on a WWTP in the South of France, after having deposited the existing competing equipment.

A turnkey service that is particularly delicate in view of the context (cramped room, existing piping nearby, difficult access, etc.) during which we were able to use all our skills. Starting with the taking of dimensions carried out by our sales representative, the feasibility study, the specific design of the Bar screen frames and finally the installation of the proposed equipment.

From the dismantling of the existing equipment to the commissioning of the new one, it took us three days for each Bar screen. A great success in view of the complexity of the intervention.


Supply of 2 automatic vertical Bar Screens

  • Type XG12
  • Maxi flow rate 800m3/h per Bar Screen
  • Bar spacing 6mm
  • Unit width 1000mm
  • Depth under laying plane 1500mm
  • Frame mades in 3 parts (maxi length 1500mm)

Selected options

  • FB Procédés electrical control panel attached on the side of each each Bar Screen
  • Manual emergency screen, Bar spacing 10mm
  • Transport of ordered material
  • Dismantling of existing equipment
  • Assembly of new equipment
  • Tests, adjustments and training of operating personnel


degrilleur en canal

Dismantling of existing equipment

degrilleur en canal

Handling of the lower frame

degrilleur en canal

Assembly of the lower frame

degrilleur en canal

Installation of the upper frames

degrilleur en canal
degrilleur en canal