3 screens and 2 screws on a WWTP

Feb 15, 2023News

For the past few days, a wastewater treatment plant in the South of France has brought together part of our know-how.

Namely a “coarse” Bar screen installed directly in the entry station. The Bar screen is fixed to the vertical wall of the station, facing the effluent inlet pipe. The lift of the pumps located downstream in the substation remains perfectly functional. The waste is discharged outside the station into a Screw compactor.

In the event of a problem with this Bar screen, the effluent can be bypassed via the manual basket fixed to the lower frame, at the level of the screen.

We specify that on this type of installation, all the wear parts are accessible from outside the substation.

Then, after pumping, we find a stainless steel casing – designed by FB Procedes – with two channels in which two “fine” “stepscreens” are installed. This box is also equipped with a bypass. The two screens discharge the waste into a Screw compactor, which returns the screen rejects to the ground floor via a descent chute.

It is important to emphasize that all these products are of our design and are exclusively manufactured in our workshops located in the Nantes suburbs.

If you have any questions if you have similar or other needs, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. She can travel on site, advise you, and take charge of your project.


Supply of an automatic COARSE Bar screen

  • Type NG21
  • Maxi flox rate 270m3/h
  • Bar spacing 20mm
  • Depth under laying plane 2200mm
  • Arase poste / TN 1100mm
  • Isolating panels in lower frame
  • Bypass manual basket
  • Associated with a Screw compactor type VCP150

Supply of two fine automatic Bar screens

  • Type PROSTEP
  • Maxi flow rate 270m3/h per screen
  • Bar spacing 6mm
  • Installed in a stainless steel casing designed by FB Procedes, with integrated bypass
  • Associated with a Screw compactor type VCP200, with waste descent chute.


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