Three FB Procédés Bar screens replaced

Jun 19, 2023News

The month of May was the month for the replacement of FB Procédés Bar screens. Two on the station of Rezé (44), then three on posts on the side of Rennes (35), and finally three others on a storm basin in Limoges (87).

It should be noted that all the Bar screens replaced had at least 15 years of service. And they all worked with a single center strap, regardless of each screen’s width or overall height. Which will certainly help convince the last skeptics about our strap system and its reliability…

We remind you that it takes about 30 minutes to change a strap, that everything happens from the laying plane, therefore in complete safety, that there is no need to stop the effluent or go down into the channel. Finally, on the 3 bar screens set up in Limoges, a strap can support nearly 5T while each scoop/carridge assembly weighs only 150 kg when empty, and 200 kg maximum when loaded.

On the three screens installed in Limoges, the width of each machine is 1400mm for a total height of 6000mm.

If you have any problems with your screens, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. The sales representative in your sector will come to take measurements, then we will give you our best technical and financial proposal.



Supply of 3 automatic Bar Screens

  • Type NG11
  • Maxi Flow rate 4700m3/h per Bar screen
  • Bar spacing 25mm, screen height 1850mm
  • Depth under laying plane 3100mm

Options selected

  • Isolation panels above the screen
  • FB Procédés standard electrical control panel for the 3 bar screens
  • On-site shipping
  • Dismantling of the existing system & Assembly of new bar screens by a FB Procédés technician, assisted by Alexandre – our R&D manager – with tests, adjustments and start-up Supply of spare parts kit


degrilleur en canal

The old Bar screens on the upstream side

degrilleur en canal

The new Bar screens on the downstream side

degrilleur en canal

The old Bar Screens on the downstream side

degrilleur en canal

The new Bar screens on the upstream side

degrilleur en canal

Disassembly of a lower frame