2 screens on a rainwater network

Nov 7, 2023news

At the end of October, our technicians Cédric and Geoffrey replaced two competing screens in the Paris region, installed on a rainwater network for several years. Instead, we installed two Bar Screens XG12 type.

One of the big differences in terms of technology between the old ones and the new ones, the first ones had cables, while the second ones have a single, central strap. In this respect, it is good to remember that each Bar Screen has a width of 2000mm. With FB Procédés technology, a single strap is enough, whatever the width of the Bar Screen. The strap is supplied at the correct length, so no adjustments necessary. Finally, a strap can be changed in 15 minutes without having to stop the effluent, from the laying plane, and therefore in complete safety. Like the rest of the spare parts.

According to the customer’s wishes, we also dismantled the conveyor line because, from now on, the screening refuse will be dumped directly into waste bins, placed under the Bar screen hoppers.

In terms of the duration of our intervention, from dismantling the existing equipment to commissioning the new equipment, it took us two long days.

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Supply of 2 automatics Bar Screens

  • Type XG12
  • Maxi Flow rate 16 000m3/h per Bar Screen
  • Bar spacing 40mm, screen height 3200mm
  • Depth under laying plane 3800mm

Options selected

  • Polyester resin grating panels to cover the manhole
    FB Procédés standard electrical panel for the 2 screens
    Transportation to site
    Dismantling of the existing & assembly of new screens by two FB Procédés technicians, assisted by Julien – our sales manager in the sector – with tests, adjustments and start-up


Bar Screen in a channel

The new Bar Screens upstream side

Bar Screen in a channel

The competing Bar Screens

Bar Screen in a channel

Handling one of the upper frames

Bar Screen in a channel

View of the 2 screens in the channels